Free Wilby Wash

Are your glasses in need of repair? Maybe they just need an ultrasonic cleaning so you can safely rid your lenses of unsightly spots. Visit us any time for world class customer service, including free adjustments and cleaning services. We’ll examine your glasses with our superb inspection process that includes a frame assessment and the tightening of any screws. Using our inspection process we will also check for any future issues including nose pad replacements, temple cover replacement, and warranty lens replacement.  We take your vision seriously and are always here for you.

New Product Development

Did you know? Our CEO Darcy Thompson has co-founded several start-ups, including Thinoptics and Avantek-Eyewear. You can rely on us to provide the innovative optics for all of your wearable technology, robotics, and drones. Working together we can take vision into the future with pioneering products and services.
At Wilby Optical we have an extensive network of specialized engineering partners, contractors, development companies, and medical advice manufacturers. We can assist you in bringing your optical endeavors to market, and we only use qualified ISO certified manufacturers of medical devices.
Our new product development services take your medical device development & robotics manufacturing capabilities from prototype to production and then management of supply chain. We can fulfill your vision designs to make them a reality. Email Darcy or Jeff with any optical questions you may have.

Children’s Optical Department

A child’s world is all about exploring and learning, and having good vision is a vital part of their development. We specialize in crafting and fitting glasses for babies, children and young adults. It’s our goal to give your child the confidence they need with stylish glasses fit perfectly for them. Invest in their future with our vision packages that fit any budget. Our children’s eye care specialists Solana and Gina are ready to help choose the right frames from our large selection, and guide you and your child through the entire process. Whether your child needs sports goggles, swim goggles, or sunglasses we have the style that will fit them perfectly. Our focus is on taking care of every aspect of your child’s eye care. If your child loses a lens, you don’t have to worry. We provide replacement lenses at no charge too.

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