Here’s what our clients have to say about our products and services


“I discovered Wilby Optical over 20 years ago after having a very negative experience with the quality of glasses, workmanship, service and attitude provided me by a widely advertised chain specializing in low-cost and fast eyeglasses. My vision prescription is very challenging for most opticians. Wilby has always provided me excellent service and offered the latest technology available that would work well with my prescription.” – A retired HP manager (name available on request)

I went to Wilby Optical to search for reading glasses that I could read with, and Darcy designed custom reading glasses for me that matched my reading needs. When I got them they were exactly what I needed to read in all lighting conditions and I was very happy with the product. Excellent place and they make their own lenses using advanced digitally controlled equipment that can custom tailor the lenses to your vision. I’m a very happy customer.



Just needed my glasses fixed — hadn’t gotten them there. They didn’t charge me and were extremely friendly. I will go back when I need new frames.

I find Wilby Optical continues to provide exceptional service and quality under the current (2011) management, (I have used them for over 25 years). My prescription is challenging for most opticians; Wilby‚Äôs staff is very knowledgeable and advises me on the latest technologies, from inexpensive “computer glasses” to progressive lenses that would work well with my prescription. They are happy to re-use my old frames when I wish to save a few bucks. On two occasions where the lenses had to be redone due to my complicated prescription, they did it rapidly and at no charge to me. They have skilled and friendly certified opticians and lab personnel.



I went to Wilby to get my eyeglasses repaired; they were professional, fast and so nice!! I love Wilby Optical

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